Holistic Management Educator incorporating Mob Grazing, Manipulating Soil Fertility, Livestock Nutrition and Ranching.



All Life needs Energy... Only animals can get the Energy through the soil surface. Action of grazing... Kinetic Energy, action of hooves on the soil surface... Symbiotic Energy, the Energy field around each animal.

Manage animals with Time. Use the animals ability to select the best Energy. Always manage for animal performance. With out animal performance, you could go broke. As numbers increase, the Stock Density will Increase.

The bigger the herd, the better the animals do and the quicker the soil is restored. The more Carbon (plant material) is trodden onto and into the soil, the better the soil does. We need to manage the livestock to make sure the soil is covered with growing plants or litter, to keep the soil at a more constant temperature and feed life in the soil.

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"When You Feed a Cow... Watch the Cow... Ian Mitchell-Innes"